Creative Creature


MASUIMI MAX is a neo-burlesque performer, alternative model, and owner/founder of I Am Sin cosmetics. In addition to partnering with Cali Care Group for her very own signature brand of craft CBD and cannabis products, she’s also a prop and costume designer, and creator of her own creepy character the SPIDER LADY!


As a stage performer Masuimi headlines events around the world, wowing crowds with her unique vision and style. From spiders to unicorns, her costumes and props are like nothing you’ve seen before!


Her love for cosplay, fetish, and pin-up modeling has landed her the cover of books, cds/dvds, clothing catalogues, and over 100 magazine covers, ranging from the mainstream (Maxim) to the wild and controversial (Bizarre 8 times!).


She is spokeswoman for several companies, and has branched off to do her own latex line with Black Sheep Latex and a bespoke leather jacket line with Future of Retro under her trademark MASUIMI®.


A popular muse for many artists including legendary pinup artist Olivia De Berardinis. Their impressive body of work together starts at the beginning of Masuimi’s career with the cover of the American Geisha art book and carries on to this day with new work that continues to blow people away.


You can find Masuimi in movies, tv shows, and music videos. Her quick but memorable appearance in XXX State of the Union (Ice Cube, Xzibit), cult classic Gingerdead Man Vs Evil Bong (Garey Busey and Tommy Chong), Miracle Worker (music video with Super Heavy + Mick Jagger), and as a contestant on the hit TV show Fear Factor.


If you’re a David Lynch fan, check out ‘Inland Empire’ for Masuimi’s mysterious blonde cameo.. with a feisty little monkey!


What They Say


“Dita Von Teese and Masuimi Max.. They’ve been modeling and performing full time since the 1990’s. Their influence on current models is unquestioned and they’ve basically joined the ranks of Miss Page.” – Danny Stygion (Sinical Magazine)


“Masuimi is one of the top fetish models of all times, and I will always clear my calendar to shoot with her. The photos we do are the most fun and the most rewarding, and I’m looking forward to the crazy things we may be doing in the future.” – Peter Czernich (Marquis Magazine)


“Her success in the industry paved the way for so many models that followed, but the story of her success is a classic tale of how hard work, talent and determination can overcome all challenges. Masuimi’s list of credits is so vast, with over 100 magazine covers and many more features, music videos, TV shows and movies, that it’s almost impossible to select a few highlights. She just launched her own makeup line, I Am Sin, and her website, Bad Max, has over 50,000 images!” – Ashton Charles (Model Mayhem)