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The mother of all sites! My first membership site was created in the late 90’s, and has morphed into the mega awesomeness it is today. Originally named, then, and finally changed to in January of 2016.

Now, my site is dynamic, although each page is coded with a different color scheme, with a smorgasbord of features and content, similar to popular social media sites. Users can register for free and upgrade later if they decide they’d like to see all of my content. There are over 50,000 images and videos in the Vault. Members can collect points for performing different actions on the site such as commenting, uploading images, and requesting friendships with other members, then redeem their points as dollars at my memorabilia shop and auctions. View content through an ajax feed, and sort by most liked, most viewed, and most commented. Send private messages, live video chat, vote, and even make money with my affiliate program.

My site is truly bad ass, and you can call me Bad Max! 😉

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